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About District One

District One Dubai is a picturesque luxury real estate developer that develop apartments, villas and mansions that suit your every need for a cutting-edge lifestyle. District one properties, are part of the distinctive landscape that defines Mohammed Bin Rashid city special residential units, is a unique locale situated close to many of Dubai’s landmarks and attractions. 

District One residences Dubai has earned its name as one of the most trusted properties in Dubai that are built with relentless passion and a quest for excellence. All of District One Dubai residences, with best prices presented by Manzili, have generated high acclaim from customers for its chic aesthetics and ability to cater to a wide variety of architectural and living styles.

District One projects are known for their benchmark quality, robust engineering and elegant design that has helped District One Dubai become one of the most sought-after properties in the city. Mohammed Bin Rashid city villas, residences and properties are some of the most methodically designed residential properties in all of Dubai. 
District One Dubai properties and residences each offering its own unique approach to luxury living in the heart of the one of the world’s fastest growing metropolitan cities. District One Dubai residences have left a distinctive mark on the Dubai landscape with several successfully completed elite projects that have realized the dream of the customers to own a home that delivers happiness, security and prosperity. 

District One Dubai residences projects are built to offer impressive views of the famous Crystal Lagoon. It brings about a new perspective of living that indulges your fantasy of a comfortable and luxurious apartment developed by District One.
When you choose to own one of the District One residence as your home at Mohammed Bin Rashid city, District One Dubai ensures that you get access to a meticulously designed residential space that is unique, family-friendly and offers stunning panoramic views of Mohammed Bin Rashid city and all that it has to offer.

District One residences in all of the projects are exceptional engineering marvel of apartments that creates the perfect ambience for cozy living close to the center of Dubai.
If you want to revel in the shade of luxury in Mohammed Bin Rashid city, District One Dubai residences are the way to go. District One has established itself as a reputed builder of pristine residences that reinvent the concept of luxury and tranquility in delightfully rich and lush surroundings. 

District One Dubai homes follow a range of eye-pleasing design architectures, so that you can pick and choose what appeals to you the most from the magnificent choices.
District One Dubai has a track record of achieving excellence in building mansions that follow the classic Mediterranean style and provide you with a lavish living experience that encompass the grandeur of European architecture. 
Every day you spend in one of the exquisite homes and apartments of District One evokes memories and thoughts related to holidays, resorts and refreshing places in tourist destinations making you live the resort experience all year long. 

District One residences celebrate the modern and dazzling elements of Arabian heritage. Living in one of these properties draws you into visually and historically significant architecture that embodies the spirit of Dubai.
From intimate courtyards to deluxe quarters for guests, you will find everything in these contemporary residences offered by District One that drew inspiration from the elegance and finesse of modern-day architecture to give you an abode that enables you to experience the finest comforts and conveniences of life. It is truly an experience to behold.

If your preference is to find a place you call home and suits your needs, then look no further than District One properties, that offers you luxury apartments could give you the finest living experience. Every District One Dubai property is engineered from the ground up to suit individual tastes, with great focus on getting even the finest detail perfectly in sync with the ambience expected of District One properties. District One properties come in distinct Mediterranean, Arabic and contemporary styles. You can easily find one of these exquisite District One units and become a proud owner.
There are few places in Dubai where you will find original designs that celebrate authentic Arabian style properties, and properties by District one are some of them. 

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