Privacy Policy

At Manzili, we do respect your concern for privacy and as such are committed to protect and safeguard all your personal information. Our main objective is the protect the information you shared with us and hence, we have come up with this Privacy Policy to help you explain as to how we intend to use the information and what mechanisms we have to protect the data on our website.

Collection of Information

In the event when you are making an attempt to visit the website, we will straightway never ask for any information or data. On the contrary, we will only request information, unless you make it a point to utilize the services of this website.

The information that we collect includes the following:

We will only make use of the information in a bid to know the feedbacks pertaining to our products and services.

Cookie Policy

We do employ the services of cookies, in a bid to improve the overall user experience for our users. At the same time, we want to make one thing clear. We do not make use of cookies in a bid to track you. If you have certain issues, then you can choose to turn off the cookies by making a few changes in the browser setting.

Personal Information Protection

All your personal information that you deem sensitive and share with us while using our services are encrypted and not disclosed to any third party services. Unless you give your consent, the information will never be shared with anyone else. To keep the information safe, we do employ a number of security measures.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

At Manzili, we reserve the right to update and change the privacy policy at any point in time. As such, we do ask our users to frequently visit this page, in order to see if any changes have been made and to stay informed.

By visiting the site, you are making it clear that you do accept the terms of the privacy policy as stated. In case you do not agree to this policy, please make sure not to visit or utilize the services of this site.