What is DLD and what does it do?

Dubai Land Department is the department that deals with and documenting issues related to selling and purchasing lands in Dubai and everything related to approving, organizing and documenting real estate trading operations in Dubai.

It was established at the beginning of 1960 to provide the services that its clients need, of those who  make deals or operate in the Dubai real estate sector.
in addition to providing services for registering and issuing title deeds, the department provides many and varied services besides developing laws and legislations needed by the Dubai real estate community to ensure that the best organization of the operations take place and to contribute encouraging Dubai real estate investment.

Since its inception, Dubai Land Department has aimed to be a beacon for real estate in the region and has sought to provide a world-class environment that guarantees the rights of all parties in real estate transactions, contributing to the development of the Emirati society.

You can have a clearer idea of what Dubai Land Department is or represents by knowing the fields that it specializes in. It is known that the department provides a range of services and specializes in handling all matters related to Dubai real estate, but what are they specifically?

One of the basic matters that Dubai Land Department specializes in, is developing strategic plans and policies that relate to Dubai's long-term vision regarding the real estate development sector in the emirate and supervises their implementation in the best manner. In addition to updating and developing real estate registration systems, and ensuring that it keeps pace with the latest global systems specialized in this field, in order to follow up the real estate registration process smoothly.

By setting the rules that organize the escrow accounts for ensuring the implementation of real estate projects and following up on the work of real estate offices, Dubai Land Department organizes real estate exchange operations in a manner that guarantees the right of all the parties involved in the deal.
Dubai Land Department also organizes the deals between landlords and tenants, and handles registering the lease contracts of real estate units. The following are some other points that the department supervises:

Licensing real estate activities and supervising the work procedure. Conducting land surveys and issuing maps for them. Providing real estate evaluation services. Providing useful information to investors about available investment opportunities in the real estate field in the Emirate of Dubai.

The Land Department has multiple institutions to manage operations more effectively in the regulatory, investment, judicial and educational aspects. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency, also known as RERA, represents the regulatory arm of the Dubai Land Department, while the Promotion and Real Estate Investment Management represents its investment arm, the Real Estate Arbitration Center is the judicial arm, and the Dubai real estate Institute is the department’s educational arm, through which the department achieves its goal of spreading knowledge and real estate culture necessary to make a difference in the movement of real estate investment.

Real estate registration: The real estate registration and services sector provides the possibility of documenting real estate operations in one place according to a set of integrated systems within one system and thus preserving the rights of all parties. It includes several registration systems: registration, initial registration, escrow account and proof of the personal rights of property owners.

Real estate regulation: through the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), the interests of investors are protected by monitoring projects financially and technically, plus conducting evaluation and regulation processes to facilitate the process of real estate transfers and everything related to real estate licenses and the development of real estate activity.

Settlement of real estate disputes: In the event of any type of dispute over a property, the Real Estate Arbitration Center, the judicial arm of the Dubai Land Department, examines the dispute and takes the necessary measures according to a quick mechanism with the aim of achieving stability, whether on the economic or social level.

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