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About Danube Properties

Danube Properties is a household name in the Middle East. From its humble beginnings in Dubai twenty-five years ago, it has become one of the Middle East’s fastest growing and recognized real estate developers. 
Danube provides a living proof of growth and prosperity that accompanies serious, transparent work which seeks to achieve the highest levels of quality to satisfy customers’ needs based on trust and quality.

Danube UAE has proven over twenty-five years that it is one of the most trusted brands in the Middle East in all sectors it is active in, especially the real estate sector, as Danube has evidently contributed to enriching the architectural scene of Dubai.
Danube presented a large number of distinguished projects through Danube Properties; the real estate development arm of Danube Emirates and it has been ranked one of the top 5 developers in the UAE. This classification is mainly determined by commitment to completing projects on the scheduled time within the required quality and the commitment that Danube shows to delivering its projects according to the prescribed time plan with the highest quality standards in addition to the sales record made it be classified within this list.

Thanks to the continued growth and consumer confidence in Danube, the company has a group of leading business sectors that have won more than fifty awards on different categories. Such as, "Danube Home", the fastest growing retail furniture sector that is spread in a number of countries around the world, and "Danube Properties", The milestone company in real estate development. Danube aims at its various sectors to contribute to the development and push the economic wheel forward in addition to satisfying the consumer by always providing the best and latest.
Danube has always striven to take the living experience to new heights, and presents some projects to stand as prime examples of this commitment offering a lifestyle immersed in opulence at unbelievably affordable prices. 

Danube properties are exceptional assets in Dubai that are well known for their exceptional quality, thus helping Danube properties build a long-lasting relationship with customers looking to own a dream home that provides them with bespoke luxuries of life. 
Dubai witnessed a great development, that shifted it from being a small city to becoming one of the most modern cities in the world keeping pace with the latest global achievements in all different fields. Since Dubai has become a prime destination for tourists and visitors who want to work and settle, a great need for housing units that meet the requirements of this large number of consumers has emerged. Danube properties Residential Units was an exceptional response to this need, as it presented a set of projects that provided apartments with smart solutions so that anyone, regardless of their needs and lifestyle, can find what suits him within Danube projects.
Danube has a robust team of engineers, architects, and management personnel who come with vast experience in the property development industry.

Danube properties are reputed for incorporating the latest trends in residential architecture, without sacrificing comfort and elegance. This has been made possible with the talented team of professionals who ensure that all Danube properties provide superior value at competitive rates to prospective customers of Danube. 
The home you live in must be a sanctuary that gives you breathing space from the stress of daily life. It should rejuvenate you and help you look forward to the next day with enthusiasm and confidence. Danube strives to instill this confidence in its customer’s everyday life with unique projects to make your living space the ultimate comfort zone. 

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