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About Falconcity of Wonders

Falcon City is a company founded to develop the ambitious project Falcon city of Wonders Dubai, which revives the splendor of architectural creativity through the ages and presents a picture of the magnificent creations of the humanity around the world in one place.
Falcon City in Dubai benefits from local expertise in the real estate sector as well as international experience in this field, in addition to the locally available resources to apply and use them in developing one of the largest projects not only the United Arab Emirates but in the Middle East also.

Falcon City continues to provide world-class services befitting its customers through partnership with the most skilled craftsmen, professionals and specialists who are keen to implement innovative projects and constructions wholeheartedly in a manner that supports and focuses on the goal and mission of Falcon City. 

The mission of Falcon City goes hand in hand with the progressive plans of the Emirate of Dubai to enrich the architectural scene of the city with prominent modern projects designed according to the highest international standards.
Falcon City takes inspiration from the architectural art famous worldwide and transform the ideas taken into new masterpieces, going elegantly with our modern age. Legends like the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal, hold great symbolic affections that can add a story to a place when they are implemented in new unusual way. This is the vision that Falcon City tries to impact with.

Falcon city came with the idea of building edifices resembling historically famous architectural icons in an attempt to showcase the best of what humanity contributed to the architecture realm all in one place.
Falcon City provide its projects with all the amenities and the services that modern residents need, giving people who live in Falcon City projects the real feel of a complete Integrated city. Besides minding choosing a location in Dubai where people can reach easily and be truly a part of Dubai city and all it has to offer of recreational options and get all they might need or desire of services within reach. 

Falcon City offers a collection of apartments and villas that are well-planned and elegantly designed. they come with different styles though all have the same magnificence. Each style of these Villas is inspired by a type of architecture to give a variety of options and appearances to appeal to everyone according to their taste. 

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8% Completed
3,048,284 / AED
5 , 6 , Maid