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About Sobha Realty

Sobha Realty is a real estate developer that aims to formulate urban living in a modern way by creating sustainable communities, benefiting from its understanding of design and effective development tools. Sobha Realty has based its work on the knowledge that it has gained during years of experience which made it well accustomed to the recipe of success that any real estate project need. This recipe can be briefed with three elements: outstanding design, exceptional service and high standard quality. knowing that, Sobha in Dubai has ensured including these elements in every project they build. Sobha has set a measure of its success and made it its permanent reference and an essence to standing out, which is customer satisfaction and providing clients with the best at all times.

Since launching their first project to the moment, Sobha has made the pursuit of perfection its main goal driven by the passion for uniqueness and confidence in the ability to positively be effective and have a distinctive impact and a noticeable contribution to the real estate sector of the rich city of Dubai, adding to its diversity, culture, assorted landscape and all the other measures that made it one of the most sought after cities in the world.
Sobha Realty as an esteemed real estate company is committed to delivering its projects in a timely manner while keeping all details in mind and implementing them with quality at the highest standards and efficiency during all stages of planning, designing and constructing. And carrying on until the completion of the project that starts with an idea on paper and ends with the pleasure of seeing it as a real existing building.

Sobha develops luxurious residential communities in the heart of Dubai, that focus on making the relationship between nature and people an effective communication knowing that the environment is the place that embraces people’s lives and journeys not just a place we live within. Its important role in our lives got Sobha Realty to pay extra attention to the way people can interact with nature through indicating green spaces and open parks provided with many options of recreational services and play grounds, to allow the project residents to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of natural around them.

Sobha Realty is currently working on developing the freehold luxury community Sobha Hartland in the heart of Dubai, which covers an area of eight million square feet of the master development of Mohammed bin Rashid city. Sobha Hartland foreshadows a new beginning in the real estate world, it is a project that focuses on combining quality, technology and practical solutions to present the project in the best way possible. The primary goal that Sobha Hartland pursues and realizes is achieving customers’ satisfaction, hence concentrating on carrying out accurate research to know what customers need and what can be developed. Finally looking at the project of Sobha Hartland after it is completely constructed and done from the resident’s point of view, and how the planned designs responds to the lifestyle and daily activities of residents. And not to forget the precise execution of the plan, which is committed to implementing planning with high craftsmanship, using the best materials and the highest quality and cooperating with local and international experts to ensure the quality, all that to deliver the best final result to customers.

Sobha Hartland is sure that success is not available to everyone who requests it and does not come without hard work, but maintaining it is still the real challenge. Thus, Sobha is keen to apply strict and continuous inspection in order to maintain the quality that is always expected from Sobha. 

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